Yes. The Care Lab is about real-life story of a DIVA.

Lucia, the artist, professional harp-player who became so much fascinated by the brand idea, that it inspired her to entirely change her life.

Humble, yet powerful woman, whose deep belief in our values encouraged her to knock on our door in our early days and start walking her dramatic journey from sublime artistic world right up to hard and challenging world of international business.

The emotional story full of storms, professional ‘n private challenges, sometimes even tears accompanied by love, care and mutual support between the man and the woman.

The story uncovering where the real values, inner beauty and power of woman dwells.

The journey of a woman who entered to life of Peter, visionary, and the founder, to make him realize the magic of difference between nature of a man and a woman. Pathway of a DIVA who embodied endless inspiration for his life and encouraged him to bring the idea of women-supporting brand to full bloom.

Lucia’s courage became an amazing inspiration for many women around the world by unfolding the deep truth hidden in our very first company motto:

All you need is inside.

Welcome to The Care Lab DIVAS.

The brand as beautiful as the woman is.