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Boost Your Well-Being with a Delicious Daily Routine

Our unique portfolio of premium products embodies the ultimate selection of beverages developed for regular care of your body and mind. We at CARE LAB Divas know that your everyday life full of challenges can be very demanding, but we also realize that if we want to give, we should first take care of ourselves. Therefore, regular body and mind care is an inevitable prerequisite for feeling vital, beautiful, and full of life at any age. 

The CARE LAB Divas concept was born to accompany you along this journey. We believe it will also make you enjoy the very special moment of your daily healthy routine through the delicious harmony of flavors.

„CARE LAB Divas philosophy stands on 2 fundamental pillars: Care and Expertise. We’re on a mission to make functional nutrition more accessible and enjoyable through delicious & convenient quality products for sustainable cognitive, mental, and physical health and long-lasting vitality at every age.“

When Nutrition Meets Elegance

and Science Meets Pleasure


CARE LAB Divas experts have selected for you the finest ingredients available with their very own Care and Expertise. Distinctive blends represent the best choice for effective long-term support of your physical health, immunity, healthy digestion, mental performance, overall well-being, and sustainable beauty.

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„CARE LAB Divas is all about giving you top notch quality with no compromises. Our carefully crafted blends bring together the most delicious flavors and the best nourishment for your body and mind. It’s like treating yourself to the best of both worlds.“

Nourish Your Body,

Elevate Your Mind

care lab divas ceo lucia tarnoczy

You know those precious little moments that you create just for yourself to unwind or reward yourself after a challenging day? It could be indulging in your favorite treat, snuggling up in a cozy spot or losing yourself in a captivating book. 

Those fleeting moments are like tiny sanctuaries that recharge us, giving us the energy to tackle all those everyday things. As someone who’s been there, we’d love to help you uncover even more of those moments meant just for you. Perhaps by introducing a simple daily ritual with our delightful beverages. 

Think about giving your immunity a well-deserved boost, keeping your gut in a happy place, nurturing your well-being and inner balance, or even giving your skin, joints and bones a little extra love. All wrapped up in a delicious sip. 

And we crafted it just for you. Simply because you matter, and we care about your well-being. 

Sip, savor, and let us be your partners on this wellness journey. 

Lucia Tarnóczy


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