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Tasty Bite of Nutrition for Body & Mind

Care Bars turn true self-care into a delicious daily pleasure. Exceptional ingredients, benefits, and a delicacy of jams, nuts, and chocolate demonstrates the innovation far beyond the known in nutrition bar category.  Our expert team created exceptional combinations of clinically and scientifically proven ingredients to help you tackle the major long-term health concerns triggered by our busy and stressful lifestyles. 

No matter, if targeting an ongoing need for better mental performance, physical regeneration, or simply a need for stronger immunity, and balanced digestive health – Care Bars deliver the best wrapped into a tasty bite of nutrition.

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Care Bar Cognitive

The proprietary blend of active ingredients was carefully formulated by our expert team to enhance your cognitive abilities, increase brain energy levels, and improve memory. Not only does this formula improve overall brain performance, but it can be potentially beneficial to slow down memory loss due to aging. 

The game-changer snack featuring Cognizin® Citicoline, L-theanine, Magnesium L-Threonate, and MCT-Oil with a delightful fusion of Black Currant Jam, Lavender, and Crispy Caramel defines a new direction for functional bar innovation. 

care bar cognitive
care bar restart

Care Bar Restart

The powerful formula of Care Bar RESTART represents the unique application of the worldwide first science-backed and clinically proven Vegan Collagen Alternative – Vecollal® with 74 Sea Minerals, Vitamin K2, and MCT oil delivered in a very convenient and tasty form. 

The first cruelty-free collagen alternative made of 19 amino acids proved higher efficacy than animal-sourced collagens. Bioactive sea-mineral blend rich in calcium and magnesium covers a wide array of benefits from strengthening bones and joints being the biggest. The captivating symphony of Raspberry Jam, Cherry Blossom, and Crispy Cashews comes 100% suitable for vegans.

Care Bar Immunity

Can you imagine a tastier immunity boost and a more soothing hug for your gut than the Care Bar with Apricot Jam, Elder Blossom, and Crispy Almond? This extraordinary treat is your gateway to a balanced microbiome and immunity activation through a unique blend of pro- and postbiotics with the well-known combo of Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin D2. 

Innovative postbiotic Immuse® grants the IMMUNITY Care Bar something unseen in the nutrition bar category. Backed by more than 30 studies, every bit of this snack makes a unique addition to immune system activation on pDC cell level.  

cre bar immunity

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