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Elevate Your Well-being with Premium Care for Body & Mind

With over 13 years of industry experience, CARE LAB Divas stands as a symbol of innovation and trendsetting. Our enduring partnerships with scientists and experts have paved the way for the unveiling of an exclusive collection of premium products – the finest selection of Care Food & Beverages designed to nurture both your body & mind. 

When Nutrition Meets Elegance and Science Meets Pleasure 

We understand the demands of daily life, and we know that your everyday life full of challenges can sometimes seem strenuous. But we also realize that if we want to give, we should first take care of ourselves. Therefore, regular body and mind care is an inevitable prerequisite for feeling vital, beautiful, and full of life at any age.  

Our commitment to your well-being is evident in the careful selection of superior ingredients – crafted with Expertise and Care. The distinctive blend of ingredients in our products represents the best choice for effective long-term support of your physical health, immunity, healthy digestion, mental performance, overall well-being, and sustainable beauty.  

Experience the clinically and scientifically proven benefits through our premium portfolio:  

  • Care Waters – Your Daily Activity Support
  • Care Bubbles – Regeneration & Continuous Prevention
  • Care Shots – Delicious Supplements for Systematic Care
  • Care Bars – Tasty Bite of Nutrition for Body & Mind

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Let yourself be enamored with the premium portfolio of food & beverage supplements crafted to nurture your physical health and mental well-being.

Nourish Your Body, Elevate Your Mind

Lucia Tarnoczy, CEO of CARE LAB Divas, emphasized: „CARE LAB Divas is all about delivering top-notch quality without compromise. Our meticulously crafted blends offer the perfect harmony of delicious flavors and optimal nourishment for your body and mind. It’s like treating yourself to the best of both worlds.“ 

Think about giving your immunity a well-deserved boost, keeping your gut in a happy place, nurturing your well-being and inner balance, or even giving your skin, joints, and bones a little extra love. All wrapped up in a delicious treat crafted just for you. Simply because you matter, and we care about your well-being.

Let yourself be enamored with our premium product portfolio and allow us to be your partner on the journey towards your healthier self.


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